Rustic Cabin Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Rustic cabin kitchen pan holder

A rustic cabin inspired kitchen has a special warmth and allure that can be hard to pinpoint. The fact is, there’s much that goes into decorating a cabin style kitchen. With all these pieces comes the charming and casual space you seek to create. Here’s some affordable rustic cabin inspired kitchen wall decor ideas to help transform or add to your space whether you’re working with an actual cabin, lake house or just an average home!

Rustic Wall Mounted Chalkboard Decor

A rustic wall mounted chalkboard is a great functional piece of decor that can easily fill out a blank wall all while helping you build lists and write notes and reminders. If you’ve already got enough shelving and want to opt for something other than signage, photo’s or other decor, this is a great choice!

Wall Mounted Hooks or Alternate Shelving With Hooks

Rustic kitchen decor exposed brick

Wall hooks or alternate shelving with hooks are a great way to store extra cookware and fill out a little bit of wall space if that’s what you’re looking for! You can easily purchase one or turn it into a nifty DIY project. Having some cookware on display adds to that cabin kitchen look and feel.

Antique Signs

An easy way to incorporate a cabin or rustic feel in your kitchen is to look into getting some antique signs. Antique signs are an incredible kitchen wall decor idea that can be as personalized as you want them to be. Browse on Etsy to get tons of sweet ideas. I’d love an old “cappuccino, latte, espresso” sign. Perhaps a farmers or meat market sign strategically placed to fill out a wall. If you want a more personalized sign, check out some custom options.

Exposed Shelving

Adding some classic exposed shelving to replace cabinets in part of your cabin kitchen can bring some differentiation visual interest to the space. Maybe you want to add just a few wooden shelves here and there or dedicate a whole section to it. The rustic wood can look real cool alongside the dishes and background color and textures of your wall. This derivative of traditional cabinetry is a great way to add your own personal touch to your kitchen.

Rustic Window Mirror With Shutters

This is more of a dining room piece but nonetheless, a beautiful rustic kitchen wall decor idea, perfect for your cabin or lake house. This mirror window wall decor item makes for a great way to fill out a blank background. Another perk is the depth it adds to the room with its reflection.

Short and Sweet! Some pieces were functional, some purely decorative but they all can add a well worn, repurposed rustic touch to the heart of your home. Hope you found some value and further inspiration in your search for some rustic cabin kitchen decor.

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